HEALTH & SAFETY                                        

  • A quality & technical manager with a manufacturing concern who holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry, this trainer’s areas of expertise are in occupational safety and health management and health legislation. A registered safety officer with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health – DOSH. This trainer has attained his trainer’s certificate from National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health – NIOSH  and has also been Certified as Lead Assessor ISO 9001:2000 while being a valid Member of the Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety and Health – MSOSH


  • Our supply chain specialist is a Senior Logistics Manager with a renowned manufacturing concern who holds an MBA in Project Management,  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Diploma in Logistics Management. He has a total of 22 years of working experience in logistics  with a specialty in the field of Total Logistic Solutions i.e. Purchasing & Material Management / Freight / Shipping / Warehouse & Distribution. He was awarded the Quality Award for the Building Quality (Team building Award) Process Solving Process in Sydney, Australia -1995.


  • Our Finance trainer holds an MBA in finance and has many years of experience in teaching finance at all levels. He is also an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers England, this trainer also holds the prestigious Dip. F.S. and is a consultant for a number of educational institutions on finance based courses.


  • The former Head of International Affairs, Royal Malaysian Customs, who holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) and a Master of Public Administration. An expert with the customs procedures in particular the revised Kyoto Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs procedures, this trainer has conducted a number of Seminars on the Revised Kyoto convention for World Customs Organization  (WCO)  Members i.e. Eastern Europe and Central Asian Region, South and Eastern African Region, Asia Pacific Region, Latin America and the Caribbean. He also specialized in Temporary Admission of Goods, Trade Facilitation Issues, Transit Issues and has undertaken a Time Release Study in measuring the time taken to release goods by Customs.
  • An ex-Senior Assistant Director of Malaysian Customs who has served in the Royal Customs department for 26 years, this trainer. Holds a degree of Bachelor of Law (Hons), certificate in legal practice (C.L.P) and. He has vast experience and the  in-dept knowledge of customs tariff , classification and procedures. He has served in various capacities including head of import division, head of accounts examination, head of industry division and  the head of scrutiny divisions at various customs stations
  • An ex-Superintendent of customs in the Royal Malaysian Customs department, this trainer has held several positions including state director, head of valuation branch and head of tariff. He holds a bachelor of science (Hons) This trainer, became a director of technical services division in customs headquarter, responsible for the implementation of the new valuation code based on the WTO valuation agreement. This trainer was involved in the preparation of the new Malaysian customs tariff nomenclature based on the ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN), updating the customs duties (exemption) order 1988 and the sales tax (exemption) order 1998. He retired from Royal Malaysian Customs after serving the government for 31 years.

Event Planner

  • The Event planner in our team holds an impressive portfolio with years of experience in planning and managing all kinds of events. An individual with knowledge from one of the biggest multimedia corporation in Asia, our event planner has everything it takes to create an outstanding event.